3D Traceability Helps Automotive Maker Avoid Expensive Recall

Recall warningIn our litigious society, manufacturers need to prove their products were produced correctly.  Therefore, they need to be confident they can retrieve information to have proof. The automotive industry is paying a high price in dollars and brand damage whenever they have to recall vehicles to repair incorrectly built products.  Therefore, traceability has become a high priority.  Pass/fail information is no longer sufficient.

Two-dimensional (2D) vision cameras held out promise to provide confidence in the ability to trace the vehicle and trace the defect back to the specific component. However, 2D cameras are limited in what they can see.  Objects in manufacturing are in three-dimensional (3D) space, therefore we need a 3D model created of the part as built.  Fortunately, Robust3D™ vision technology is available for 100% reliable in-line error proofing, which can also provide robust 3D traceability.

Robust3D traceability saved an auto maker millions of dollars by preventing a recall.   An auto maker installed a Robust3D in-line error-proofing system to verify the correctness of an assembly for nine specific failure modes.   An unknown tenth failure mode suddenly appeared and defective parts entered the engine manufacturing system causing engines failures at end of line testing.  The engine plant was immediately shut down, which also shut down the vehicle assembly plants.  Through analysis of archived Robust3D data the auto maker was able to go back and identify each defective part in the manufacturing system.   Fortunately 3D information had been captured and stored for every part.  By rapidly analyzing all of the stored 3D information, they were able to trace each defective part and to what engine it was installed. Finally they were able to contain all the defective parts and all the defective engines.  Corrective action was taken and an expensive recall was avoided.

The power of robust 3D was proven for both error proofing and 3D traceability.  The auto maker is also expanding its use of in-line error proofing using Robust3D solutions.

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