Coherix, Inc. Celebrates 10 Years of Business and the Mastery of 3D Vision

Ann Arbor, Michigan, October 30, 2013 — Coherix, Inc., the robust 3D company that is revolutionizing the vision standard for inspection and metrology, celebrates its 10 year anniversary, October 30, 2013. An innovative, advanced technology firm, Coherix has mastered the complexities of 3D machine vision solutions and is continuously mining its potential. A global company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Coherix products are used in industries that demand micron level precision.

Coherix’s vision solutions are based on a variety of highly advanced sensors and software involving interferometry, dynamic projection, multi-stereo and multi-spectral technology. Coherix’s mission is to empower manufacturers by developing unique vision solutions that quickly visualize their processes with high-definition, easy to understand, 3D images and reports. The company leverages its experience in optics and software development to provide real time, proactive variation reduction and root cause analysis.

In the last decade, Coherix has:

  • Invented multiple 3D vision product lines to provide flexible and customer-focused solutions
  • Enhanced software applications and capabilities to improve ease of use, reliability and accuracy of products
  • Established global presence in Singapore, Japan, India, China, Taiwan, Sweden and Germany
  • Conducted several Research & Development projects with organizations like NIST, USDA, NAVY SBIR and several multi-national corporations
  • Started its EB-5 Immigration Project
  • Established global strategic partnerships
  • Repeatedly saved customers millions of dollars by improving their production launch with Coherix vision solutions
  • Received the Henry Ford Technology Award

Behind the Coherix solutions and technologies is a longstanding philosophy — if you can measure a product better, you can make it better – resulting in more capable manufacturing processes which enable product developers to design world class products. The 3D information that Coherix solutions produce enables manufacturers to maximize throughput while minimizing downtime and scrap. The long-term result is sustainable global competitive advantage.

In the next 10 years, Coherix is committed to continuing to enhance its technology to advance the vision industry and meet the ever changing needs of customers.

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