Recent Coherix Studies Show Powertrain Manufacturers can Increase Throughput, Reduce Costs, Improve Quality using Coherix

Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 26, 2015 — Using the Coherix ShaPixTotal Surface Visualization(TSV) is possible within seconds, displaying millions of data points in a 3D color graphic of the part. This 3D color graphic covers 100% of the surface and allows instant identification of any problems. No more wading through volumes of statistical data or waiting for data from the CMM. Coherix ShaPix provides a 40% increase in throughput that is critical in today’s manufacturing environment. No other technology or product on the market today can produce TSV in precision manufacturing like a Coherix ShaPix while taking a significant amount of burden from traditional CMM’s.

These recent Coherix studies were targeted at quantifying the value gained when customers utilize Coherix ShaPix technology in conjunction with traditional measurement methods (CMM’s). Coherix ShaPix measures part surfaces and traditional methods measure features. Surface Quality improved by enabling manufactures to measure 100% of the surfaces as called out in part specifications. The complete coverage allowed manufacturers to dial in the process quickly by identifying all sources of variation. Traditional methods measured less than 1% of the surface leaving manufacturers vulnerable to missing critical surface variation issues. In addition to improved quality, the studies showed ShaPix increased throughput by reducing measurement time 40%.

Coherix ShaPix is a high-definition, high-speed 3D metrology system, which measures 4 million points of data on planar surfaces in less than a minute. It displays results that are easy to understand and pinpoints problem areas in a 3D color graphic picture of the part.

Coherix designs and delivers high-speed, high-definition, 3D metrology and inspection tools for product development and the management of manufacturing processes for the precision manufacturing and semiconductor industries. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan the company has technical centers in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Coherix products are being utilized around the world at companies such as ASE, SPIL, Marvell, BorgWarner, Ford, Honda, Allison Transmission, Chrysler, General Motors, Micron, Infineon, John Deere, Volvo Technology Transfer and Aisin among others.

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