Robust3D Brings an End to Decade-long Assembly Error-proofing Struggle

valve kits

Valve kits

Recently Coherix engineers and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) engineers have been working jointly to develop error-proofing solutions in engine plants. After identifying eight specific problem areas, the team recognized that these were all old problems that have been plaguing engine manufacturers for decades.  For example, one very difficult problem is error-proofing a valve assembly, a problem one engineer had worked on when he was a student over 30 years ago.

A valve assembly is held together by two very little half-moon “collets.”  They are also called “keys” or “keepers.”  One serious and typical failure mode is when only one of the collets is installed and the other is missing.  In this situation, the engine will run, but not for long. When it blows, it really blows and the engine is badly damaged.  If it happens when the customer is driving their brand new car through their neighborhood, the manufacturer will not only lose that customer, but risks losing the entire neighborhood!

Over the years, the valve assembly process has not changed, and the error-proofing of the valve assemblies has never been reliably solved…Until now.

Thanks to Robust3D™ machine vision technology, long-existing problems like valve assembly verification are being reliably solved. With robust software algorithms and high-speed image processing capability, Robust3D enables rapid, in-line and 100% reliable error-proofing solutions to valve assembly, piston pin circlip assembly, rolling finger follower assembly, and many others.

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