From measurement to training, Coherix provides specialized services to better serve customers’ precision manufacturing needs.

3D Visualization Measurement Services

Coherix Measurement Services provide an efficient and cost effective way for precision manufacturers to gain an understanding of entire surface profiles in 3D and depict how these surfaces interact, of local zone profile/shape unique to Coherix, of waviness, of multi-surface relationship parallelism among other unique ways of accessing a precision surface.

Coherix, a leader in designing and delivering high-speed, high-definition, 3D metrology and inspection tools, offers these services throughout a product’s life cycle, from product development through the management of manufacturing processes. Coherix Measurement Services are available for one-time efforts or longer-term measurement studies.

Regardless of the scope of the measurement services, powerful knowledge can be gained by viewing the profile of a surface in 3D. By clearly communicating conformance and tolerances, one can virtually eliminate measurement method, processing and interpretation questions, which enables quick and effective root cause analysis. This capability is only available using Coherix technology.

Coherix Measurement Services eliminate trial and error attempts, complicated diagrams, and extended delays to solve production issues typical with other measurement methods.

Coherix 3D technology goes beyond a measurement providing analysis and insight into the application and performance of a surface.  Measurements captured in minutes along with simple-to-use analysis tools, quickly communicate actionable knowledge to key participants, which leads to improved quality and an enhanced customer experience.


We currently offer three different training packages for ShaPix3D and one for Tru3D (each service may be purchased as a stand-alone session). Sign up on the Contact Us form to get updates on training sessions.

ShaPix3D Operator User Training

Participants will:

  • Learn how ShaPix3D works, including its basic system functions
  • Run existing jobs for part surface measurements
  • Understand how to read the comprehensive reports

Operators will be able to take parts from production and use ShaPix3D to validate that the parts are within tolerance.

The Operator User Training is a one day session for 1 to 4 participates to accommodate the hands-on training portions.

Coherix ShaPix3D Operator User Training Scope of Work

  • System overview
  • Power-on procedures
  • Measurement basics
  • Automation
  • Fixtures
  • Running jobs
  • Understanding reports
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Operator-level manuals

ShaPix3D Set-Up User Training

Participants will learn how to set up new parts and create masks within the software.  It also includes instructions on how to create jobs which automates the measurement and reporting process for operator use.  The information covered in this course adds to the value of the system with the ability to increase measurement capabilities and tailor reports to generate user defined-specific outputs.

The ShaPix3D Set-up User Training is a one day session for 1 to 4 participates to accommodate the hands-on training portions.

Coherix ShaPix3D Set-Up User Training Scope of Work

  •        Fixture development
  •        Part leveling
  •        Masking
  •        Advanced measurement
  •        Job creation
  •        Part stitching
  •        Report building
  •        Exporting
  •        Advanced troubleshooting
  •        Setup-level manuals

ShaPix3D Advanced User Training

Participants will further their knowledge on system diagnostics, use of fiducials, data creation, process control statistics, problem-solving statistics and multi-surface relationships. Participants will gain greater understanding of measurements used by ShaPix3D solutions.

The Advanced User Training is a one day session for 1 to 4 participates to accommodate the hands-on training portions.

Coherix ShaPix3D Advanced User Training Scope of Work

  • Advanced ShaPix HDM software features
  • Advanced ShaPix Analyzer software features
  • System diagnostic
  • Use of fiducials
  • Data creation
  • Process control statistics
  • Problem solving statistics
  • Multi-surface relationships
  • Advanced-level manuals

Tru3D Onsite Level 1 Circlip Training

Participants will learn about the basic operation and maintenance of Coherix Tru3D  Circlip Inspection System at the operator level. After training, the participants can operate the system to inspect the assembly of circlip, read and understand inspection results, detect and correct common mistakes, and maintain the system.

The Operator Level Training is a one-and-a-half day session for 1 to 4 participates to accommodate the hands-on training portions.

Coherix Tru3D Level 1 Circlip Training Scope of Work

  • System overview
  • Theory of operation
  • Powering up the system
  • Inspecting parts
  • Requirements on piston loading
  • Common operator mistakes
  • Basic HMI (Human-Machine Interface) operations
  • Failed inspection due to operator examples
  • Operator review process
  • Powering down the system
  • Reviewing stored images
  • System maintenance